Course Schedule

This schedule is subject to potential revision as the semester does what it does.

January 10: Introduction, or the Peculiar Nature of Academic Writing

  • In preparation for this class session, please read chapter 1, “The Workshop,” from Sarnecka, The Writing Workshop, as well as the excerpted chapters from Silvia, How to Write a Lot.
  • We’ll spend this session talking a bit about the weirdness of academic writing, as well as the overflow of writing advice out there.
  • We’ll also use this session to get set up for the writing you’ll do over the semester. If you have a laptop, bring it with you to class.

January 17: NO CLASS

January 24: Notes

  • Chapter 2, “Planning Your Time,” from Sarnecka, The Writing Workshop.
  • Sönke Ahrens, How to Take Smart Notes.
  • Experiment with your notetaking in completing your reading for another class. You can use note cards, a bullet journal, or notetaking software such as Obsidian (my personal favorite). Bring the results of that experiment with you to class.

January 31: Blogs and newsletters

February 7: Public writing

February 14: Manifestos and screeds

February 21: Personal statements and other application materials

February 28: Proposals 1: Grants

March 7: NO CLASS

March 14: Proposals 2: Comps, Dissertation, Book

March 21: Letters of recommendation

March 28: Peer reviews and reader’s reports

April 4: Responses to reports

April 11: Revising

  • William Germano, On Revision
  • Select one piece of writing from this semester – a blog post, a personal statement, whatever – and really revise

April 18: Working/workshop day

April 25: Conclusion(s)