Track Changes

To be honest, this book was not my favorite type of books. I had a hard time to read through it because of the complexity of some words. At first, I thought this book was interesting since it introduced a word processing from the perspective of the writers. Then it became the analysis of the role of the computers in the ability of the authors to introduce their ideas and present them in the form of words “that were fully atomized”. To me, it implied that the technological development provided the chance to bring new meanings to narratives and the forms of their presentation. I found the IBM typewriter was really an interesting idea to look at. From my point of view, when people first invented it, their initial purpose was not trying to use technology to replace human but to help us with our work productivity. However, it’s funny that when these technologies did increase work efficiency and productivity, many people start to question if the technologies deprive our ability/right to think. I like the part where the book reveals the possible perspectives for the future. In particular, the author defines that “writing technology do shape our thinking”. I think his statement demonstrates the desire to understand what future changes may happen in the writing styles and techniques that are connected with word processing.

One thought on “Track Changes

  1. I also had a hard time reading this book, I found the entire novel to be complex. Unlike Flusser’s text, this one seemed to be less interesting to me. I wonder if it has anything to do with the writing style or the topic alone. Still, I do find it interesting that as soon as technology increased productivity, the concern of whether technology impacts the way we think.

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