Thoughts on 17776

The two online readings were interesting to say the least. I was confused on if I had clicked on the right link or if my computer was having problems at the very beginning of 17776 because of the glitch into the calendar. It was intriguing, and I am glad I spent the time reading through it. There is just a calendar, green text (Ten), and red text (Nine). The beginning reminded me of the confusion I had when reading Between Pages and Screen, so I assumed that Ten and Nine had to do with technology and were not actually people. Humanity is now gone, and the satellites (Nine and Ten and everyone else) watch football be played with tornados on Earth, which sounds absolutely insane…but not at the same time. It brings up more questions about what technology will do when humans are no longer around. Will we create this artificial intelligence to carry on thinking after we are gone? Interesting how football is what is kept alive in these “minds” of technology and they find entertainment in it like we do. Are we preserving our culture within technology like this without even realizing?

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