Semester Project


Your primary project this semester asks you to focus in on one particular question or idea that surfaces for you in exploring the relationship between the interface and the production and circulation of meaning through reading and writing. This project may take a range of different forms: it can be a research-based term paper, an extended annotated bibliography, a reflective essay, a web-based project, or a creative response to the course’s materials. It can be completed individually or collaboratively. In any case, it should draw not only upon the materials that we read and discuss together this semester but also upon material you uncover in your research. If you opt for an individual term paper or essay, the final version should be approximately 15 pages for students in 478A, and 20-25 pages for students in 819; the length of other projects will depend on their structure and the team completing them.


Your project will be completed several stages over the course of the semester:

  1. A first draft of a project proposal, due January 28.
  2. A revised project proposal, due February 11.
  3. A project outline, due March 11.
  4. A project draft, due April 8.
  5. An in-class presentation, due April 22.
  6. The final project, due April 29.

Each of these stages is required; no stage will be approved without the prior stages in place. If your focus or your project structure change significantly over the course of the semester, you must come talk to me about the change. I will likely ask you to back up and complete the earlier project stages again, in order to ensure that your ideas are given adequate feedback prior to the final project. I will not accept any final project for which I have not approved each prior stage.

I will be happy to talk with you at any point about the project and its stages, either as a group in class or individually/in project teams during office hours or by appointment. Please don’t hesitate to bring me any questions!