Reading Machines and more!

I found the book Reading Machines hard to get through. There were a lot of technical terms which made the book confusing for me, but also frustrating because I had to put in so much effort to try to understand things. I found it interesting to hear about what the different programs do, it is not something I think about until it is put right in front of me. It is amazing how fast computers are and all of the behind the scene things they are always doing, like keeping track of how frequent words are used and waiting for you to push a key on your keyboard.

I also found the extra readings cool to go through. I liked that I could interact with the “What is Code” article by Ford. The other article, “17776” by Bois was very unique. It reminded me about our conversation about Between Page and Screen and all of the online poems/stories/etc. that we looked at. I kept scrolling through the entire way just waiting to see what would come next. It was an interesting read.

I think that it is so amazing that there are people out there who can make all of this possible. I have no idea how people learn how to do this kind of thing, I could never. I was also shocked to find out that this was happening in the 1940s! I realize that computers were invented around this time, but again, I just had not thought about every single detail that goes into creating computers and their ability to function.

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