Reading Machines

This week’s readings were interesting in different ways. Reading Machines was particularly intriguing to me as it introduced and described how computers can be used as “reading machines” to explore and discover literacy paths. In addition to being a very thought provoking book, I feel like this is no light reading material. The language used to communicate this literacy algorithm had me confused most of the time, I’m still not sure that I know exactly what to do with this text.

As far as the other two readings, I found them both to be fascinating all around. I really appreciated the format that the content was presented in both Jon Bois’ 17776 and What is code. Though at first I was confused with the format…  feeling dumbfounded, I had to double check that I clicked on the right link and that I was reading the right material. It was definitely a new experience. nonetheless it tied in well with the topic we discussed in class two weeks ago when discussing Between Page and Screen. I think that because this was such an odd and new reading experience, I feel like I was mostly focused on the format of the content being present and less on the actual content being presented.

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  1. I also found it’s hard to get through the book Reading Machines and always confused by some of the technical terms. I had a similar reading experience with you in terms of the other two articles. I get distracted very easily because I was fascinated by the format of the content. I had to admit that I focused on exploring the format and playing around with it, rather than focusing on the content. I felt like there was something I missed in this book, especially the title, I don’t really know what to do with it……

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