Proposal Draft 2

After reading through the comments left on my first proposal, I have decided to explore how modern poetry is becoming more of a visual form of art instead of just writing, as well as social media’s role (particularly Instagram) within this observation.

I imagine this project in two different parts. One being research on the history of poetry and how it has shifted into this visual practice, especially when/why Instagram poetry became popular. I would love to reach out to some of the more popular Instagram poetry accounts and interview them on how they view modern poetry, and why they choose to present their writing in this way. Also, the form of poetry seems to be mimicking what social media provides: short, quick, and to the point blurbs of writing. Is the use of complex word gone? What do four lines of poetry provide the reader that a longer poem wouldn’t? Can they even be comparable?

The second part would be a more hands-on approach. Because I am a writer, I am curious in experimenting with my own work and making an Instagram account of my own to create visual poetry. It would be a challenge to expand on my writing, because I have always added visuals and color with words rather than actual picture. With social media being one of the main things we as a society read from now, it is important to utilize its potential.

One thought on “Proposal Draft 2

  1. This is an extremely interesting area to explore! You may want to look ahead in our syllabus to Lori Emerson’s book, which looks into the history and practice of electronic poetry; it’s not exactly the same as your focus here, but it’s got some important connections. It’s also worth looking specifically into the history of visual poetry, the desire of poets to work in ways that aren’t just linguistically representational but that use words as visual objects. Come see me as your research progresses; I’ll look forward to hearing more!

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