Proposal Draft 2

As I dig deeper into the initial topic of my proposal draft, I found my initial topic might be too broad. Therefore, I think it is necessary to be more specific about my topic. As I mentioned in the proposal draft 1, it seems like the way of how people obtaining information has changed and it is still changing. In the past, we often wrote to communicate with one other person, where writing was not a very social way to communicate. But now, we can reach thousands or even more people with only a single post.

For this project, I am going to discuss some of the implications that the idea or rather the concept of technology has had on students who employ the same in reading. I must attest to the fact that most of the students have been seen to affiliate themselves with digital reading methods and this is probably because of the convenience that it tends to tag along with it. I am going to explore the same in my project and by so doing, I am looking forward to understanding how reading could be made more effective through using of the digital or rather the technological means that are available. I am certain about this since it would focus on just the implications of digital reading to students rather than having to discuss the entire relationship between technology and students’ studies. I am positive that this research will help students’ in understanding how they could employ the digital reading means that they have been exposed to in ensuring that they do better or rather reap effective results in their reading and learning process.

2 thoughts on “Proposal Draft 2

  1. I’m glad you’re focusing in a bit here! There is a good bit of research that’s been done by scholars interested in the relationship between screen-based reading and educational outcomes; I mentioned Naomi Baron before, but there are other authors working in this area, too. You’ll want to look at Baron’s sources to see who she’s reading, and you’ll want to search the library’s resources to see what other possibilities you might find. Come talk to me if you run into questions as your research continues.

  2. As an elementary education student, I find this fascinating. I like that you are focusing on screen-based reading and educational outcomes because students are now doing more screen reading than anything. I’m excited to read more about where this research takes you.

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