Project Proposal Draft Two

After reading various papers that connects Pynchon and the paranoia of the postmodern, I want to avoid that, rather drawing on them and viewing Crying through the paranoid lens of technology and music. For example, examining the connections made between entropy and information theory, and how Oedpia functions as an interface between the two. Her paranoia seems to be spawned from information overload. There is so much going on that all she can do is try to decipher and connect all of these things in a world that continually becoming more technologically advanced.

I want to parallel this thought in the book to that of Radiohead’s 1997 album OK Computer that thirty years later is grappling with similar ideas on paranoia and information overload in the technological age. I think OK and Crying are connected thematically and formally. Drawing from my first draft post on the ideas of schizophrenic and paranoid analyses, I believe this album parallels the thought of Crying. Trying to analyze Radiohead’s lyrics is about as absurd as analyzing Pynchon. It either means everything or nothing. I also think that Radiohead extends some of the ideas on technology. While they do use a lot of live instrumentation, they fuse it with electronic music. They become a sort of synthesis of paranoia and technology. This where I think drawing on musical analogies in Crying would be beneficial.

I’m debating whether another novel, theory etc. would be useful. Let me know what you think, thanks!

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  1. Music is a bit outside my area, but I suspect that there’s some interesting work out there on music and representationality. Within COL49, the primary way that the music is represented is through lyrics — not a surprise given the novel’s basic textuality — but there’s also the electronic music scene in the Scope which might be worth a look. What happens when the music is not just about the paranoid/schizophrenic computer-age mindset but is in fact electronically produced?

    I’m not coming up with secondary sources for you off the top of my head, but come talk to me as your research continues and I’d be happy to think with you about the possibilities!

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