Project Proposal D2

I would like to do my project on the idea of Instagram being the interface connecting technology to how people communicate.

I think I want to do a creative response. I would like to use my Instagram account for references, as well as look at the pages of actual influencers. I also might throw in some research to back up some of the points I make.

I would like to start off saying what my Instagram account is, who some of the influencers I follow are, and why I like to follow them. Then, I might go on to the steps of how people sometimes become influencers, and once they are, what do they use their page to promote. Good health, fashion, etc. One example I would like to talk about is the world record egg. I would have to do a little bit of research for this because I do not know the whole story, but this egg seems like it started out as a fun post to get likes and followers but that influencer has now used it to promote mental health.

To connect this idea better to my project idea of how people use it to communicate, I think I will also want to point out how, for example, this egg has 10 million followers which allow that many (and more) people to see the content. This is way different from less technologically advanced things in the past. Important information about mental health, physical health, and basically anything you can think of, can now be easily accessed through the internet, and more specifically, Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Project Proposal D2

  1. It seems like you are very pro-Instagram, which is totally fair! I wonder, though, if it wouldn’t be worthwhile to investigate some of the folks saying that Instagram is “dangerous” or taking things too far. Marketing, public relations, and (interpersonal, news, and social) communication will never be the same in large part due to Instagram’s status as king of the social media realm. It might be interesting to do some research on the long-term projections of media theorists or other scholars on how the ways we communicate or write stand to be affected in light of the effects of Instagram.

  2. I was wondering about the same thing as mrsdalloway. There are a lot of positives to Instagram, but there are some serious concerns to be raised as well. Scholars have explored the effects that Instagram may be having, for instance, on teens’ mental health, on body image, on education, and so forth. I’d love to see you focus this down a bit: what specific questions do you want to ask about the ways that Instagram gets used? What are the implications of that use, for good and for ill? I also definitely want to see you do some research into scholarly analyses of Instagram, to find out more about the issues that others are exploring in looking at the platform. Come see me if you’d like to discuss!

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