Manifesto of the Communist Party

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The Manifesto of the Communist Party, or Communist Manifesto, was a seminal historical document co-written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels as members of the Communist League of Germany. It provided a unified and overt statement of purpose for Communists worldwide. The Manifesto can be found in full various places online.

The Manifesto serves as a basis of contemporary Marxist cultural critique. Engels credits Marx with formulating its essential proposition, which states that the whole of human history "has been a history of class struggles." The division of society into bourgeoisie and proletariat illustrates the contemporary incarnation of this class struggle, one which Marx and Engels envision can end only with the rise of the proletariat to overthrow the bourgeoisie, and the formation of a new political system called communism. The text also introduces the idea of teleology which he further comments on in his essay, "Commodities".