Course Requirements and Grading

Attendance and Participation: As our work here will revolve around discussion, your participation and preparedness are indispensable, and will be graded. You will be permitted one unexcused absence; each additional unexcused absence lowers your final grade one step. (10%)

Class Facilitation and Reading Responses: Each student will be responsible for facilitating one class session, helping direct our discussion on the readings you select or are assigned. This presentation will require you to lead a Web Crossings discussion in the days prior to your in-class presentation. The presentation itself should be no more than fifteen minutes long, and should be formally prepared and delivered. More details about this assignment will be forthcoming.

Moreover, each student will be responsible for participating in each week's Web Crossings discussion, contributing questions and ideas that require further attention during class. While you will only be required to post once each week, posting more often is better. (15% total)

Informal Writing: You will be required to produce some brief piece of informal writing for nearly every class. Most of this work will be aimed at generating ideas for your formal papers. While these pieces of writing will not be individually graded, they will all be read, and they will receive an overall grade. (15% total)

Papers: During the semester, you will write and revise four 4-to-6 page papers, each of which makes an argument about some aspect of the material we have covered. While we will suggest possible topics for these papers, you are strongly encouraged to choose subjects that interest you. All papers must use proper MLA format. Late papers will only be accepted by prior arrangement. Again, more details to follow. (15% each; 60%total)