Instructor Information

Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Department of English
Pomona College
Crookshank 110
Phone: 607-1496
Office Hours: T/TH 10:00-12:00
(and by appointment)
Linda Greenberg
Norton-Clark 206
Phone: 607-6425
Office Hours: M/W 9:00-10:30 pm


Course Description

Why are cars and ships female? Do computers have gender? In an age of articifical hips and pacemakers, how do we know where the line between the body and the machine lies? And how do our fusings of body and machine lead us to reconsider the relationship between technology and gender? In this seminar, we'll read a number of critical writers who think about cultural ideologies of the body, of gender, and of technology, developing our own ideas about the connections among them. We'll apply these various perspectives to discussing and writing about several recent novels and a number of films.