Personal Statement

The first section of my personal statement, “Research,” was originally posted here in November 2009 as an introduction to the dossier, for benefit of my external reviewers. In January 2010, I renamed the document and added the other relevant information for my internal reviewers. As I note in “How to Read This Dossier”, one of the benefits of the digital promotion file is this ability for the materials here to grow and develop over time, as well as their ability to reach multiple audiences.

The traditional areas that this review covers are addressed individually on the following pages:

Overall, however, I want to express my ongoing gratitude to the college for the opportunities that I’ve had to experiment — with surprising new avenues and methods for research, with new courses and new pedagogies, and with new administrative structures and possibilities. I look forward to more such experimentation to come.

[updated 6 January 2010]