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Emily Radler (born 4 July, 1990 on a beach in New Jersey) is currently a freshman at Pomona College. She finds writing about herself in the third person rather disingenuous, so will switch to the first person now.

Like David Foster Wallace, I'm interested in what it means to be human, but I'm more immediately concerned with what it means to be alive. I feel most alive when I'm running, surfing, upside down, or singing along to incredibly loud music. I'm seriously addicted to caffeine, runner's high, and sunshine, preferably taken together, in high doses. I love to learn and think, but find that too much abstract thinking leads me straight to anhedonia, which doesn't feel very alive at all. I'm into Wisdom- facts, not so much. I try to approach everything like a curious little kid. In general, I think life is lot of fun. I really try not to Compare, but sometimes I do. Ennui's one of my favorite words to say, but I don't really get the concept. I plan on majoring in English, because it's the only way I can deal with the complex while staying relatively simple. Plus, the fact reading was the bestest, funnest thing ever when I was four, and still is, says something profound.

I spend far too much time creating elaborate stories in my head, but have literally no idea how to translate those fantasies onto paper, so I probably won't ever write fiction. I do want to write, though, hopefully for the New York Times.