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Joelle van Dyne

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Joelle Van Dyne (a.k.a Madame Psychosis, the P.G.O.A.T.) is a drug addict who checks into Ennet House. Before her residency at Ennet House, she hosted a radio show under the name of Madame Psychosis, which show Mario Incandenza listened to religiously. Joelle van Dyne is devastatingly pretty, to the point that men (including her father) cannot properly interact with her. Joelle van Dyne used to date Orin Incandenza, during which period she was casted by his father, James O. Incandenza, in Infinite Jest (film).

The Veil

Joelle always wears a veil and is a member of UHID. The text is ambiguous about why she wears a veil: although Molly Notkin says Joelle's face was marred by corrosive acid (her father being "a low-pH chemist"), Joelle says "the veil was to disguise lethal perfection, that [she] was too lethally beautiful for people to stand" (940).

Infinite Jest (film)

She is the sole actress in James Incandenza's Infinite Jest (film). She uses her radio and stage name, Madame Psychosis, a play on metempsychosis and also the street-name of the drug DMZ. In the film she looks into the camera, and repeats the phrase "I'm sorry." She had suggested Incandenza call the cartridge "'The Face of the Deep'... which he's said would be too pretentious and then used that skull fragment out of the Hamlet Graveyard scene instead, which talk about pretentious she just laughed" (238)

Alcoholics Anonymous, Drug Addiction, and Ennet House

An account of Joelle van Dyne's addiction is at her friend Molly Notkin's party. At the party she tries to commit suicide in the bathroom by overdosing on freebase cocaine. The primary motivation behind this act was the feeling that she "has been in a cage since Y.T.S.D.B" (227).

She "always sees, after inhaling [freebase cocaine], right at the apex, at the graph's spike's tip, Bernini's 'The Ecstasy of St. Teresa,' behind glass, at the Vittoria, for some reason, the saint recumbent, half-supine... the angel's expression not charity but the perfect vice of barb-headed love" (235).

Don Gately spots her at his AA meetings in Boston. She had overdosed at a different rehab facility and was brought under special care to Ennet House. She immediately catches the eye of fellow addict Ken Erdedy (364-368). Joelle van Dyne eventually becomes romantically interested in Gately, and vice versa.