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Gourmet magazine is a monthly publication of Condé Nast Publications. First published in 1941, Gourmet is a magazine which focuses on good living, travel, entertaining, and culture. The magazine bestows the "America's Top Tables Award".

Gourmet's first issue was January 1941, and its main competitor at the time was American Cookery, formerly the Boston Cooking School Magazine, which has been publishing since 1896. Much of the content was similar - articles on food, recipes by the magazine, recipes submitted by readers, recipes requested by readers and advice sought by readers. But American Cookery was in black-and-white, printed on newsprint, and the page size was smaller, and its content focused on America. Both were filled with ads. But Gourmet was upscale, slick,in color, and beautifully drawn illustrated cover pages (the famous Gourmet color photo covers were still years away.) Gourmet focused on Europe and New York City, and most of its recipes carried French names. Gourmet also had the bad luck to begin publication just before the outbreak of World War II, which brought war rationing. Gourmet ignored it. Its upscale audience was urged to save the issues and to use the recipes after the war and rationing ended. Gourmet won the competition. American Cookery ceased publication in 1947.

Condé Nast Publications bought the magazine in 1983.

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