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Don DeLillo is a contemporary American novelist famous for books such as White Noise, Underworld, Libra, and The Names.

Wallace and DeLillo often maintained correspondence through letters.

Excerpts from letters

From a letter to Wallace from DeLillo: “Some writers may have to do 2, 3 books, say in midcareer, before they remember that writing can be fun.”

To DeLillo from Wallace: “I do not know why the comparative ease and pleasure of writing nonfiction always confirms my intuition that fiction is really What I’m Supposed to Do, but it does.”


n+1 Magazine wrote an article relating Wallace and DeLillo's styles:

"...all this and more traveled straight from DeLillo's End Zone (a wonderful and underrated novel) into Infinite Jest, but Wallace is so securely his own writer, so natural and idiosyncratic in his prose, so committed to his principles of expansion and a circling, shambling refusal to simplify, that the influence seems to flow both ways, and much of early DeLillo comes to read like a ramping-up toward Wallace."


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