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"Datum Centurio"

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"Datum Centurio" traces the contextual, etymological, historical, roots of the word 'date' as used in the twentieth and twenty-first century.


A contextual paragraph communicates that this information is ""From Leckie & Webster's Connotationally Gender-Specific Lexicon of Contemporary Usage, a 600gb DVD Product with 1.6gb of Hyperavailable Hot Text Keyed to 11.2gb" (125). On the whole the prose resembles that of a dictionary, with various different definitions, contextual notes, historical notes, and gender-specific connotational notes. Identical footnotes are found on all pages.


The different definitions in this gender specific lexicon identify aspects of dating that change throughout history. Various technological, historical, and etymological descriptions are supplied as dating progresses through history and seems to take on a more technological aspect. "Datum Centurio" mentions a Civil Action between "Schumpkin et al. v Microsoft VCA D.M.V. Ventures Corp." in 2009. This civil action upheld the use of Digitally Manipulable Video (DMV), a new form of interactive pornography (128). Additionally, this case facilitated the introduction of the "Virtual Reality Sensory Arrays", a full-body "oysuit" as well as the "Polioerotic Joysuit" (129). The introduction of this "joysuit" is said to have influenced dating, giving it alternate denotations of "soft" and "hard".


Datum Centurio is ostensibly communicated from the future.