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Welcome to the DFW Wiki, a project created by the students in English 166, David Foster Wallace, a class taught at Pomona College during the spring of 2009.

This wiki is a collection of our research, interpretations, and reflections on the works of David Foster Wallace as well as a place where primary and secondary sources can be found. In this wiki, you will find numerous links to both the collected and uncollected pieces of Wallace’s writing as well as interviews, biographical articles, reviews, critical essays, and more.

It is our wish that you will find this wiki helpful to you in some way—whether you are studying Wallace’s writing in an academic setting or reading Wallace’s works for personal fulfillment, for a challenge, or just for fun (all of which we strongly encourage!). Reading Wallace’s writing this semester has helped us grow as individuals and collectively in innumerable ways. We hope that this wiki can serve as a resource and guide for you in your journey through the works of David Foster Wallace. Happy exploring!

Here are some places to get started:

Spoilers Included

This site does contain spoilers for the works of David Foster Wallace. Articles will not be marked individually, but it is safe to assume that, whether indicated or otherwise, any material from here on out may contain some type of spoiler.