death enhancing life

It looks like that there was no official post on the reading so I thought, at the early hour, that I would offer up something I found that seems to relate to the essay we read. For my Advanced Editing class, I was supposed to find a scene from a Hollywood film in order to analyze and later re-edit. I chose a scene from the movie No Country For Old Men (which I highly recommend) where a man’s fate ¬†unknowingly ¬†rests on a coin toss.

As I was re-watching it, I realized that the entire conversation and its climax are intimately tied up in what Brooks talks about in his paper. Death, and the chance of death, gives life and everything in it meaning. If you haven’t seen the film, you should. It’s quite good. If you’re interested in the scene alone, here’s a link to it on youtube (watch the movie too):

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