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History, Potatoes, etc. (Unofficial post)

This isn’t the weekly post, but I was just curious if anyone had opinions:

Both Gallagher and B&R bring up Adam Smith and compare his theories, in one way or another, to literature and literary theory. Gallagher references Smith to make the (somewhat satirical) claim that “only in the context of the economy does homo appetitus  turn into homo economicus” and that in a potato economy, the market is irrelevant to the self-sufficient, self-reliant homo apetitus  species (131). Bennett and Royle quote Smith directly, saying “Before the invention of the art of printing [which obviously gave way to the ‘literature’ we have today], a scholar and a beggar seem to have been terms very nearly synonymous” (119). The economy is a major factor in people’s lives and undoubtedly plays a role in people’s writings. So, taking into consideration the different viewpoints of the role of the author, what would you say is the appropriate relationship between the economy and literature today?

Hollywould this Saturday – Extra Seats Available

Just copied and pasted the e-mail from my inbox. If you want to go (I can’t promise if it will be good, but I’m going), shoot Claire Bridge a response at Sweet.

Dear Bus-Trip Participants –  

The L.A. Freewaves “Hollywould” bus trip is this Saturday, October
11.  REMINDER:  Be at 10th and Columbia (in front of Balch Auditorium)
at 11:45 a.m. – bus will leave at 12 noon.  The bus will return at
approximately 7:00 p.m.

WE HAVE A FEW EXTRA SEATS!  Please e-mail me a.s.a.p. if you’d like to
bring a friend.  Reservations for extra seats on a first-come,
first-served basis.

Claire Bridge

The Scripps Humanities Institute will sponsor a FREE bus tour to L.A.
Freewaves “Hollywould”
Saturday, October 11
Bus will leave at 10 am and return at approximately 5pm
Meeting spot: 10th & Columbia, next to Balch Auditorium
All are welcome; RSVP to Claire Bridge (

The 2008 Freewaves festival, entitled “HollyWould,” will fuse media
arts and Hollywood Boulevard from October 9-13, 2008. The festival will
transform the iconic boulevard into a massive, multi-faceted screening
room for experimental videos, films and media art from every continent.
Selected works will be projected onto buildings, displayed on LCD
screens inside stores and installed in storefront windows. The festival
will also feature screenings at American Cinematheque, sidewalk sound
installations, and a film and musical event at the Musicians Institute,
as well as portals connected to the festival’s unique web-based content.
“HollyWould,” the theme for this year’s festival, is a playful and
evocative turn on Hollywood, both as an international symbol of the
American entertainment industry and as a Los Angeles neighborhood very
much in flux.

fmi about the program:

fmi about the bus tour:  / x18326