Liliths - Response 5

My reaction to Lilith's Brood after just reading the title was to think, "Lilith!

Despair/Religion in Cyberpunk


One thing I noticed that seems to characterize cyberpunk is a constant sense of despair. When the limits of biology and existence itself are stretched and reshaped, it's not surprising that religious notions of the soul and higher planes of existence become less and less meaningful.

Space-rastas and Doctor Who (aka Response #2)

Well I just finished reading Neuromancer, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've never read any cyberpunk before, so it was certainly an interesting read. For some reason I am drawn to the idea of an imperfect future where things are grungy and gross and the people are flawed. I suppose it seems to me like a more realistic version of the future than one in which everyone gets along and there is no poverty and crime (i.e. the Star Trek universe). Perhaps I have little faith in humanity?.

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