race/gender/science fiction - Gawker http://machines.kfitz.info/55-2008/taxonomy/term/383/0 en Battlestar http://machines.kfitz.info/55-2008/node/361 <p>Gawker, the king blog for sarcastic, jaded 20-somethings, adores Battlestar Galactica in a way I thought impossible for a bunch of bloggers so mired in their own ironic-ness. Anyway, their recaps of its goings-on are hilarious, or at least I think they are hilarious. If anyone is interested:</p> <p><a href="http://gawker.com/tag/battlestar-galactica/" title="http://gawker.com/tag/battlestar-galactica/">http://gawker.com/tag/battlestar-galactica/</a></p> http://machines.kfitz.info/55-2008/node/361#comments Battlestar Galactica Gawker Sun, 04 May 2008 22:54:22 +0000 dreamfall17 361 at http://machines.kfitz.info/55-2008