Battlestar Galactica

One last response

WARNING: Contains season 2 spoilers.

This is my last shot at extra credit, though BSG is still fresh and new enough in my mind that I'm pretty hesitant to dissect it.

Just watched the Miniseries

I just finished the Battlestar Galactica miniseries.

Problems with race

So far, the representations of gender in the show are pretty sophisticated, I was impressed in that respect. I'm much less impressed with their treatment of race. In particular, why are all the most religious characters black? I'm delving a little into the beginning of season two here, but there's Roslin's (spiritual?) adviser (the one who realizes the importance of the 12 serpents), her guard in the brig, and the quorum member from Gemenon. It makes me a little uncomfortable...


Gawker, the king blog for sarcastic, jaded 20-somethings, adores Battlestar Galactica in a way I thought impossible for a bunch of bloggers so mired in their own ironic-ness. Anyway, their recaps of its goings-on are hilarious, or at least I think they are hilarious. If anyone is interested:

Military Question

So, this is a embarrassing revealing of my lack of knowledge on the workings of the military, but does our military use "sir" to address women in command? Or is that a convention invented for the show?

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