There's some literary word for this writing style, but I forget what it was

Midnight Robber is a novel set apart from most other works of science fiction in its use of a non-Anglo-Saxon culture as the predominant society of its world. Science Fiction often deals with issues of individuals set apart from the rest of society or set in unfamiliar surroundings, trying to find their way, and so it is somewhat surprising that there are so few examples of Science fiction works written through the lenses of cultures outside of the western/American norm.

Midnight Robber finds another frontier

Nalo Hopkinson, (though a web search reveals her to be a relative new author), seems to have made her unique mark on Science Fiction largely because that voice is grounded in the rhythms, myths, and vernacular of Caribbean and Creole cultures. I mean, she is clearly not the only Science Fiction author to bring a recognizable contemporary culture other than American-flavored Caucasian to the SciFi stage, but let's face it: Name another SciFi writer of African heritage besides Delaney and Butler.

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