large blue men with fin ears = future enslavers of the human race

So, I watched a bit of this movie the other day, a 1973 French cartoon called La Planete Sauvage. I only saw part of it because I got super creeped out by it, but the part that I did see was very reminiscent of Lilith's Brood to me. Humans are toyed with, what it is to be human is questioned, superior and uncaring aliens screw around with human lives, the whole bit.

I think you can find most of it dubbed over into English on youtube. Watch it if you want to feel like you are on hard drugs.

barbarella as feminist?

As I said before, I think Barbarella rocks. Also, I found it to be suprisingly feminist, considering - well, considering everything. On the surface it's pretty wonderful in its unselfconscious exploitation of Fonda's sexuality, but its underlying concepts are much more subversive.

barbarella barbarella


omg, barbarella has just become my favorite movie ever. I say that with no irony whatsoever. the pill sex scene ~1:05:00?? AMAZING! I want my hair to curl and my hand to smoke like that.

AND I want to be able to smoke essence of man..

god, hollywood sucks at life.

Given that this was the first week the book and the movie could be so directly contrasted, the differences between literary and Hollywood conceptions of what makes a good story really struck me. My generalized conclusion: Hollywood is SO LAME!

Perhaps the film isn't totally ridiculous...

Robert Heinlein is not overly concerned with subtlety. Perhaps fearful of some particularly dense reader missing his unmitigated support of the military, big government and capital punishment, Heinlein places only the thinnest of sci-fi veils over his long-winded political monologues. This does not make it a bad read -- the plot is still compelling -- but when I reach the scenes of History and Moral Philosophy classes, I do want to throw something at him, as roseblack says. This future world in which Johnny Rico operates has indeed been radically altered.

The only thing to do with a 'cult favorite': SEQUEL!

Because in Hollywood-speak, 'a horrible movie' is called a 'cult favorite' and sequels rule the universe, Sony Pictures in 2004 put out 'Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation', a 'rapid-fire sequel to the cult favorite, [in which] the Federation's best Mobile Infantry unit goes back into action against the Bug horde.' A straight-to-DVD masterpiece!
And, according to imdb, they're making a THIRD one starring the original Johnny. Really? Really?

The bad photoshopped poster is worth a visit.

WTF, Paul Verhoeven.

I am currently 4 minutes and 15 seconds into the movie Starship troopers, and I am absolutely sure that is has the worst opening sequence I have ever witnessed. Perhaps it is because I just recently saw Cloverfield, which went a little too far down the documentary/shaky-cam road, but the little sequence 'on the battlefield' was RIDICULOUS. Let's even put aside the fact that a trained soldier continues to talk to the camera even though a Bug has (not sneakily at all) come around the corner and is about to snatch the soldier up in his semi-CGI, animatronic-looking maw.

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