freedom to/freedom from quote

Hey, does anyone remember where that Aunt Lydia quote about freedom to/freedom from is in The Handmaid's Tale? I can't seem to find it...

schedule changes


Okay, so as I mentioned in class today, I've got to cancel class next Wednesday due to an emergency meeting I have to attend. I want to propose the following options:

Pass Number Two


I'm taking my second pass on this week's response.

Duality in Midnight Robber


Given the existence of two parallel universes in MR, it's an enticing idea to contrast the two -- each as offering its own different form of oppression, for example. Toussaint, while a diverse, safe (thanks to Granny Nanny), and relatively utopian-like civilization, gives up privacy to the point that one "couldn't even take a piss without the toilet analyzing the chemical composition of the urine and logging the data in the health records" (10).

Time Travel in Midnight Robber?

After finishing Midnight Robber, I got to thinking. There is a lot of talk about how New Half-Way Tree is in a different dimension. What if instead it was in a different time? I don't know exactly what that adds to the work, but it seems to fit better, and explain current Touissant more fully.

Reading Response Pass


As I suspected, there's no way I'm producing a reading response today, between the draft of the final paper and a paper I have to write for another class... Ah well, I saved my second pass because I knew this would happen.

deities in "midnight robber"

One of the most interesting, yet very briefly discussed, differences between the inhabitants born on Toussaint and those whose ancestry traces far back on New Half-Way Tree is the concept of a higher power, the god-figure. The humans have Granny-Nanny while the douens have Father Bois.

I have to pass as well

I really enjoyed the book, but I need to sleep for a test tomorrow. This is my second pass, hope I wont need it later...

Response for Midnight Robber...

Two long essays, a couple other assignments....I really don't have time for this tonight, so I'll take my second pass now in hopes that I shouldn't have a problem doing them the rest of the semester.

race war?

From the start, the relationship between humans and douen bears strong overtones of real-life race relations. Characteristic of both white-black and European-Native American relations are played out, although in each case the analogy is imperfect. Both are represented by the quick judgment by humans that the douen are inferior.

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