Just watched the Miniseries

I just finished the Battlestar Galactica miniseries.

First off, I am extremely sad I hadn't found this show earlier, as I would have been watching it the whole time. It really is a great science fiction epic. The little touches make it seem far more real than straight space westerns do. There is less sound in space than in other parts of the show, which is gotten wrong by almost every space media. However, there is still some sound, which I see as a nod to the fact that without it the show would be boring. The ships seem more realistic than the regular star fighters in most shows. While they do still have shapes that seem better suited for air than space, they at least have jets on every side of them so that they can maneuver more easily and correctly in space. Battlestar has so far been far better at showing inertia in space, and not making ships stop instantly whenever they want to or their engines fail. The situation where the mark VII vipers lost power against the cylons was great because of that fact, that the ships kept moving forward even after their engines stopped.

Other parts of Battlestar that I really liked were the flaws in so many characters. While it seems requisite to include flaws in your characters, Battlestar has so far seemed to create realistic ones. Adama isn't perfect, but he listens to reason. He drove his son away with his high expectations, but he is willing to make amends. Roslin is an extremely interesting character. She has steel in her that seems out of place, until you realize that it comes from her cancer. She knows she will die, so she is free to make difficult decisions, especially the one where she abandons the sub light craft to make sure the FTL craft can escape.

Starbuck reminded me greatly of Tank Girl. Their personalities seemed very similar, especially when Starbuck was fighting and flying. Anyone else get that?

I realized I trail off a little towards the end, but I want to watch more Battlestar, so more thoughts in a few hours.