oryx and crake vs. handmaid's tale

Since both of these novels are by Atwood, I immediately began noticing similarities (and more often, differences) between them when I started reading Oryx and Crake. The two greatest similarities seem to be: the meandering narrative style, which is not my personal cup of tea but is certainly better than being dry and dull; and the overall dystopian viewpoints of the books.

In the Handmaid's Tale, religious extremism is the big "Thing" that has moved the world from contentment into despair; and the most destructive product of that fanaticism is the subjugation of women. In Oryx and Crake, it seems that scientific development is the big evil at first; but when you look below the surface I think it's really corporate control OF science that it's trying to criticize. The Crakers themselves, with their "perfected" human genetic composition and general plasticity, seem to be the biggest example of this.

Crake is a negative personification of the ideal of progress...or rather he is what happens when someone gets too strongly behind the idea of always moving forward. While walking around Watson-Crick, he keeps pointing out different technologies and saying "wave of the future" or "the latest"I found it so interesting that Crake is also basically programmed with a disrespect for life by playing violent video games, watching live executions, and another called "Extinctathon", which while it doesn't directly contribute to mistreating the environment, perhaps encourages it? Yet, I didn't find myself hating Crake; rather feeling intimidated that he is the future of our planet...the progress-blinded, drunk-on-technology non-human with no respect for the earth, or no need for it.

I suppose one could notice that both novels are decidedly heterosexual, and do not really explore non-traditional gender relations, but sticking to a few strong topics almost makes Atwood's critiques more effective.