I just wanted to discuss the significance of Crake's decisions on how to modify humanity. It seems to me that, while his modifications were aimed at eliminating strife, the main result of his modifications were that he eliminated the part of humanity which causes strife, the main things he did was to eliminate the human capacity for progress. This emerges in his discussion with Jimmy about sex. Jimmy argues that by eliminating sexual frustration, he is eliminating art. I think this actually applies to nearly all human endeavors, including government, science, commerce, etc. Crake even confirms this indirectly by saying something like, wouldn't you always rather be fucking? He ultimately implies that if there wasn't a sexual urge to make yourself more attractive, you wouldn't do it, and art, and by extension all other human endeavors I mentioned, wouldn't be made. By limiting this capacity of humanity, it seems that he is dooming humanity to the same fate as the rest of the animals.

yeah, the general conlcusion i have drawn from all these novels about modifications is that what we are *now* is human, and since we don't have a good definition for that, changing something--anything--seems to make us less human. we can't just take away the parts of humanity that we don't like--they are a part of us. this would of course include sexual frustration; i think this is a hugely human thing, and in removing that from the Crakers, the Crakers are much more like animals. this isn't to say they aren't better in many ways, but they are certainly different and rather inhuman in some crucial way. so with that in mind, where does that leave us? probably, we will destroy ourselves. rather unfortunate.