Pigoon Platoon... a last minute response

So this response has nothing to do with pigoon platoons (although that bit where they trapped Snowman in the guardhouse was a bit unnerving) it just seemed catchy.

What I actually want to discuss is sort of a response to a comment made in class (I think). I seem to recall someone mentioning something about Snowman being able to handle the whole apocalypse situation oddly well and the more I thought about it the more I started to think he wasn't really handling it that well at all. From the beginning we know that he is hearing voices which aren't even Oryx, for "Oryx is no longer very talkative" (11). He hates these voices and is staring to behave like the "crazed lice-infested hermits in their caves and deserts" who used to also hear such voices (11). When it comes to alcohol "his impulse (is) to drink it up as fast as possible, turn all memory to white noise," not exactly the frame of mind of someone who is handling a situation well so much as making do in a pretty horrific situation.

He does at times seem to be taking good care of the Crakers, or at least not abandoning them. My thoughts about that are because he sees so much of Oryx in them. They have that innocence that she had and because of her connection to them I think it would be very hard for him to just leave them to their own devices. They also give him something to do. As was pointed out, he basically made his living just making things up and now is doing exactly the same thing and also learning from it. They also keep him company as best any living thing can at this point and he is afraid to "lose his audience" and that "they'd turn their backs on him, they'd wander away" (104). He needs some contact and has to make do with them even though they cannot understand so much and their questions can be frustrating at times.

He also isn't doing well physically. The food he eats seems to come primarily from cans of left over from before and filled with such tasty things as "SoyOBoy wieners" and "Sveltana No-Meat Cocktail Sausages." He doesn't hunt anything or even fish, and only gets this fish from the Crakers who bring it to him once a week. He looks for mirrors whenever he cans and what is sees is "Increasingly … a shock. A stranger stares back at him, bleary-eyed, hollow-cheeked, pocked with bug-bite scabs. He looks twenty years older than he is" (231).

It seems to me that he is more a man who is making do as best he can, although there are probably people who could have done much better than he is. For instance, the humans he almost meets at the very end are at least cooking for themselves. Just some thoughts.

how fantastic is that phrase? pigoon platoon, pigoon platoon... I wish it was more widely applicable, because I would totally say it all the time.

I must admit that it was not entirely original... I may or may not have stolen the idea from Dr Who and inserted pigoon in where judoon should have been. still catchy though!