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consolidation/extension of mind/body discussion


As we discussed rather unsatisfactorily, one of the questions raised about Gibson's Neuromancer concerns the relationship between mind and the body. Can one live without the other? Is one monstrous and one glorified?

a couple things of interest


first of all, did anybody else notice that the color pink seemed to pop up everywhere in Neuromancer? is this supposed to symbolize something?

second, i was very intrigued to realize that the band Straylight Run got their name from this book. i didn't realize they were nerds.

Choice: Always a Hot Issue

Of the many things we discussed in class, there was one topic that intrigued me the most--perhaps because it was only briefly touched upon. Someone mentioned the apparent paradox that the enemy Bug society is pure communism and yet the human society considers that system ideal. Certainly it is intriguing that the M.I. are fighting against a system they have bought into.



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