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Am I the only one...?


Am I the only one in class who does not like BSG?

Pigoon Platoon... a last minute response

So this response has nothing to do with pigoon platoons (although that bit where they trapped Snowman in the guardhouse was a bit unnerving) it just seemed catchy.

pattern recognition response

Well it's been a while since I last posted a response, so here are some thoughts about Pattern Recognition. Two aspects of this which I thought were quite interesting were the ideas of mirror worlds and soul-delay. What struck me as particularly interesting about mirror worlds was that, in a way, I read the book as thought it was set in a mirror world to our own. It is a world we more or less know, but the manner in which Gibson presents it is quite foreign. There are Starbucks on street corners, familiar cities and recognizable brand names are everywhere.

Random thoughts on subscripts...

So I was browsing the blog and felt like I would try and comment on dragongrrl's note about hoping someone comments about the subscripts. My initial reaction was that they seemed a bit silly. As though Delany was somehow trying to make the novel look more scientific by adding subscripts in like one would add subscripts to variables or chemical equations. I was a bit disappointed by this, but as the story went on I came to understand that use of subscripts was an interesting was to differentiate between the type of relationship a person has with her different occupations.

Liliths - Response 5

My reaction to Lilith's Brood after just reading the title was to think, "Lilith!



I'm going to pass on this one.

A mob scene

While reading The Handmaid's Tale I noticed that there were many instances in which the mentality of the mob took control over that of the individual. This served as another way for the Handmaids to lose some of the individuality to the theocracy of the Republic of Gilead. What struck me most, however, was that there are also references to the mob mentality in the context of the actions of Offred's mother in the time before the republic. That the mob mentality is seen in both eras was quite an interesting similarity.

Case the Cowboy

After class yesterday I realized that we didn't really talk much about Case as a cowboy and the fact that Gibson chose that term for the people who make a living hacking into cyberspace. I think someone mentioned how cyberspace could be seen as the wild west as it is a new frontier, and someone also mentioned how the physical descriptions of Case aren't what a reader would normally associate with cowboys. This got me to thinking that Case's work as a hacker into cyberspace doesn't really seem to fit with the term cowboy.

Space-rastas and Doctor Who (aka Response #2)

Well I just finished reading Neuromancer, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've never read any cyberpunk before, so it was certainly an interesting read. For some reason I am drawn to the idea of an imperfect future where things are grungy and gross and the people are flawed. I suppose it seems to me like a more realistic version of the future than one in which everyone gets along and there is no poverty and crime (i.e. the Star Trek universe). Perhaps I have little faith in humanity?.

First Response!

So here it is, my very first reading response for my very first lit class!

While I was reading Starship Troopers over the weekend, I found that I was rather surprised with the parallels between the Bugs and the people of the Terran Federation. There seemed to be this common need to put the needs of the group in general before the needs of the individual. This in turn, I found a bit strange because I was under the impression that Heinlein was opposed to communism which is almost what he was advocating. Anyway, there were two parallels in particular that caught my attention.

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