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Gawker, the king blog for sarcastic, jaded 20-somethings, adores Battlestar Galactica in a way I thought impossible for a bunch of bloggers so mired in their own ironic-ness. Anyway, their recaps of its goings-on are hilarious, or at least I think they are hilarious. If anyone is interested:


Religion is frustratingly necessary

Crake constructs a new genetically engineered human race to live more "in harmony" with the earth and each other by removing the human propensity for violence, meat-eating, religion, etc. etc. Unfortunately, a lot of those are a more intrinsic to the human makeup than Crake originally guessed. The Crakers are alone, in a world they can no longer understand now that Crake has taken science away from them. The only connection they have with the old world is Snowman, so naturally they go to him for answers.

ahahaahaa last minute

As I was reading, I noticed several self-referential comments woven into the narrative, remarks that seemed to comment back on Neuromancer and the academic work surrounding it. Though apparently Gibson is less aware than I thought him to be -- how did he not notice that he had created another character with the name Case?

language in Pattern Recongition

So, I've been reading Pattern Recognition, and I've noticed that Gibson writes with what I perceive to be a British tone, with British vernacular - "bin it" rather than "throw it away," "come round" instead of "stop by" or "go over," casual use of the often-still-forbidden-in-America "C-word", stuff like that. However, he is apparently from Vancouver. Is he affecting a British tone because it's set in London, or do Canadians speak/write more British than American? It seems a really silly/trivial question, but it's been bothering me and I'm supercurious now.

me, too!

paaass. work is eating my face!

peer review


anybody want to be my peer review partner? I haven't got one yet.


the red pill or blue pill?

Well, judging by the titles of the responses that have come before me, I have chosen a well-trodden path to talk about, but it's the only question that came up repeatedly for me as I was reading, so I'm going to write about it anyway and hope that some kind of original thought manages to creep its way in somewhere.



I'm watching eXistenZ right now. I don't like it AT ALL. I'm maaad confused and creeped out.

Wait. Something else just happened. WHAT?? WHAT WHAT WHAT?

Rich people suck.

I enjoyed Slow River. However, I also enjoy The Hills and America's Next Top Model, so this means very little. I enjoyed it, but I didn't think it was particularly good. The major issue I had with it was the apparent lack of a character arc for Lore. As she is the protagonist, I assume we are supposed to identify and sympathize with her; at least, I found no indication to the contrary. I did not particularly like her, however, and there were some major flaws in her character that I thought needed more of a treatment than the book gave.


so, I'm in the middle of Tank Girl right now. (current judgment=awesome.)

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