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schedule changes


Okay, so as I mentioned in class today, I've got to cancel class next Wednesday due to an emergency meeting I have to attend. I want to propose the following options:

peer review

A few notes on the peer review process:

First off, if you don't have a partner as yet, please leave a comment on this post; there are likely other folks looking for partners to work with, too. If we wind up with only one person who seems unpaired, I'd appreciate it if a group would expand to three.

could it be yours?

I've got an annotated bibliography with no name on it; the paper apparently focuses on Snow Crash, and the bibliography includes Pettman, Stockton, Gardner, Wyatt, Dougherty, Haraway, and Lakoff. Anyone care to take credit for their work?

where to start that research?

I've been meaning to bring this up in class for the last week, and only today during office hours, while talking with a member of the class, did I suddenly remember: given that many of you are science/math/otherwise non-English majors, you might want a pointer or two on how to start your research.

presentation signups


A reminder: presentation signups are taking place through the wiki on the Sakai site; if you have not yet signed up for a date, please do so immediately!

term paper assignment


I've just emailed the term paper assignment to everyone, and am going to attach it to the proper places in the syllabus. Please let me know if you have questions.

how it works




I see that my intent to have the McHale essay posted on the syllabus in time for you to read it for tomorrow's class has been utterly foiled by my complete failure to follow through. Read the other two essays and the Gibson, and I'll attempt to get McHale up there sometime this week.

reading responses

I'm in the process of reading and commenting upon your reading responses from last week, and wanted to give you all a few pieces of information based on my readings of them.

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