Goto Dengo's mines, and my questions


I just finished reading our section for Wednesday, and I am a little confused about what happened in the last thirty pages (or so) with the mines Goto Dengo has been working on. Why is there a "trick vault?" And why does there seem to be so much secrecy, i.e. the comment "I will give you instructions. We will make a special shaft" (678) that Goto says to Wing? Is Goto trying to pull a fast one, since he is in charge of the whole mining operation? And this mine is just supposed to be a shelter for Japanese gold? I'm sorry if these are stupid questions... i just don't quite understand it yet!

Imipolex G

I still don't understand what the Imipolex G is and what it's connection is to Slothrop's life. In the companion (page 147) it says that Slothrop is piecing together the information he knows abotu this plastic, the rocket, and his conditioning as a child... I'm not sure I'm piecing it together. Anyone got any ideas?

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