Mario as CT's son

On page 901 the text reas, "The wedding photo was available for inspection, of course, and confirmed Mrs. Tavis as huge-headed and wildly short." Mario too is described as having a huge head and being the shortest member of a tall family. Also we read the part about "the first birth of the second Incandenza son." Maybe, when Mario's birth is described as a "surrprise birth" it also refers to the fact that Mario is CT's biological son. Remember too that CT avoids Mario at all costs.

Madame Psychosis

I find it intreguing how many people worry about Madame Psychosis and her radio show after Joelle has "vanished". Several sections of this book are dedicated to the steps that the MIT radio station takes in the wake of madame psychosis- first Madame diagnosis (who reads scripture in pig-latin, and was generally ill-received. as she should have been), then just playing the background music on loop for an entire hour. People call in, even forge to the basement of the recording studio to inquire about her. the engineer answers phone calls "at once denying and encouraging rumors of suicide, institutionalization, spiritual crisis, silent retreat, pilgrimage to the snow-capped East." People just refuse to let het it go- her show someone captivated them like none of the cartridges or other entertainment did. some "have this firm conviction that Madame was still actually still showing up and sitting there by the mike but not saying anything."


When I read about Mario's birth, I was a little disturbed. "He had to be more or less scraped out, Mario, like the meat of an oyster from a womb to whose sides he'd been found spiderishly clinging...(313)" The description of scraping him out of a womb sounds like an abortion, and it makes him seem like some unwanted parasite. It's strange that he survived such a traumatic birth, and in some ways, maybe it can be interpreted that part of him did die? His eyes have an odd dead gray-green color to them, and his scalp is the same color. I envisioned a semi-decaying body...(is that morbid?) Anyway a question I had, is Mario James' son or Charles'? His hair is likened to that of the "athletic director and Academy Headmaster," (314) and it flaps up in the same way Charles' hair does.

mario's awkward "romantic experience"

Okay, I just have to say that I thought this entire section was ludicrous (and I loved it). The title, USSMK's hair and soggy bathmat-hand, a crossdressing father, ticklish body parts....

One question I had: Why is she called U.S.S. Millicent Kent? Does it have anything to do with her missile-like coiffure? (MORE missiles!!)

On a more serious note, though, this section also really reminded me of how characters from Underworld sought intimacy through impersonal sex.

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