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Information Flows and Reading

I'm really fascinated by the idea of information flow becoming inadvertantly bi-directional when observation becomes too obvious. Everything turns on the question of praxis. The Allies have to be careful not with how much information they collect via codebreaking, but rather how much of that information they put to use. Information is a funny thing because it relies on the interface between pattern and randomness to be communicative, which is another way to say that data is only meaningful/useful if it can be differentiating from other data. Finding pattern in the noise; it's basically an extremely large-scale sifting process.


All the books we've read so far have had the theme of connection. In the books we read before Cryptonomicon, the book connects little stories into one cohesive connected network of people whose lives influence each other. Cyrptonomicon has this aspect too. However, Cyrptonomicon focuses a lot on information and Avi and Randy's entire venture in Southeast Asia is to connect civilizations together. The book is about connecting people together and enabling them to pass information to each other in a variety of ways. On page 327, Goto Dengo is being gunned down by American soldiers while in the ocean which is on fire due to an oil spill. He thinks to himself as he is underwater, as a bullet flies in and slows to a stop quickly in the water.

information as a commodity

On page 51 DeLillo talks about how secrets and information "This is what he knows, that the genius of the bomb is printed not only in its physics of particles and rays, but in the occasion it creates for new secrets." The CW was really all about who could keep secrets better: everything was kept underground and information had to be hoarded because if the other side found out about anything then they had more power. This calls to mind Pychon's line "Is it any wonder the world's gone insane, with information come to be the only real medium of exchange?" Although the books may or may not relate to different wars (WWII vs.

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