Why so many aliases?

One thing I've been wondering about is why most of the characters have multiple names. Traditionally, an author will introduce a character using both first and last names, and then use just one throughout the novel, usually the last name. Pynchon instead uses many names for each character. Slopthrop, Tyrone, Rocketman, Raketenmensch, etc. Greta, Margherita, Mrs. Erddman. Enzian, Oberst, (that name that starts with an n that I cannot remember). At the end of the novel there is a lot of commentary about the fragmentation of Slothrop. On page 752 it says, "He is being broken down instead, and scattered. I imagined a piece of Slothrop left wherever he has been, perhaps the character or role that he took on in that place. However, I'm still a little confused about why all the characters have so many names. It creates a lot of confusion when reading... is that the point?

I also wonder....we talked about the fragments today in class....but you would think with over 400 characters Pynchon wouldn't feel the need to give so many of them multiple names. I wonder if it's based around the idea that the same thing has different sides, and can have different names, but still be part of the same thing. Rather like we spoke about in class...Pynchon doesn't want us to think of the Cold War and WWII as two sides...perhaps this sort of reenforces it (maybe? I dunno) that it just doesn't matter. It's all the same.

I think the aliases help us to figure out that these people are really forced to take on different personas during this (cold)war time period. Everybody is paranoid about everything, thus they adjust by making sure that nobody really knows who they are. I think it is kind of a security blanket-- a way of feeling in control. An illusion? Possibly.