bananas plus rockets

Wow...that reading took forever! Or, so it seemed. I'm used to flying through books, so this was a surprise for me. I like the book. I think. Sort of. It also is really painful. It is very confusing. I truly struggled through these 150 pages.

Nonetheless, there were moments that did really get my interest and attention. I really like Pirate as a character. The small comic parts in the beginning made me think of Catch 22. Bloat falls from the sky (in a way) and Pirate kicks the cot underneath him. "One of the legs collapses. 'Good Morning,' notes Pirate. Bloat smiles briefly and goes back to sleep, snuggling well into Pirate's blanket" (5). Awwwwww (in a bizarre way, that is). Not much of the book is cute. Often the characters are much more dirty (physically and sexually) and not childlike. Here, the atmosphere is innocent and silly. The same silliness occurs when someone actually slips on a banana. I guess the author had to get that out of the way.

Bloat's comic fall mirrors the not so comic falling of rockets. Only instead of exploding, this rocket snuggles down and goes back to sleep. For some reason, this train of thought led me to thinking about the soldiers in London like Chicken Little. The entire time, the sky is falling. It's completely inappropriate to think of this book like Chicken Little, but I could not help myself.