nytimes sports articles

so ive been meaning to post links to these two new york times articles for a while,


"Your Brain on Baseball" by David Brooks

this is by the times's conservative pundit and it's about the exact same type of automated brain functions that wallace attirbutes to tennis players (bottom of page 260 is one example) only with baseball players at spring training, pretty interesting stuff


"Federer as Religious Experience" by David Foster Wallace

I think this was one of the greatest pieces of sports journalism ive ever read, DFW published this in august, sometimes it is easy to forget that we are witness to the two single most dominant athletes their sports have ever seen in tiger woods and roger federer, anyways, this article is a great example of the type of technical dissection of tennis that he describes going on at enfield as well as the awe and majesty of the sport that doesnt come through in Infinite Jest

hopefully these lexus nexus links work cuz these are really excellent articles

The links aren't working for me!