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What you see here is a static archive of a site that once ran in Drupal. Accordingly, many functions have been disabled and some links may no longer work.

update on blog grades

Given the general second-half-of-spring-semester insanity, and given the complexity of the accounting system that I was using to track blog grades (which took into account both original posts and comments on a week-by-week basis), I've totally fallen down on the blog-grade-tracking job. It's going to take me HOURS to go back and reconstruct the necessary information for the weeks I've missed, I fear. But for those of you who have some concern about your blogging grade, worry not: the numbers you were getting at the beginning of the semester were a sort of guidepost, and one that doesn't necessarily translate in any direct way into raw grade. I'm going to assess your blog performance holistically in determining that portion of your grade, looking at, over the course of the semester, how regularly and actively you participated in discussions here and at how substantive those discussions were. If you have any questions about this, by all means feel free to contact me.

class notes

I've totally fallen down on the note-posting job of late, but, at long last, here they are. I'm posting as attachments to this entry the notes that I've taken in class up through today. Please let me know if you have questions or issues...

getting started


This post is a test. It's really, honestly, only a test. If this were a real post, it might, for instance, contain a link to something useful and/or bizarre. In the event of a real post, you'll be given more information, as well, of the analytical sort, attempting to create context for or otherwise explicate that link.

This has been a test of the class blogging system. Thank you for your attention.

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