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An Adventure.

What would the offspring of a web comic and a text based RPG look like? Chances are if would be horribly deformed and strange, but apparently, it would also be hilarious. I know everyone got a taste of MS Paint Adventures on Wednesday, but I thought I would talk a little more about it here for anyone who was interested. MS Paint Adventures is a web comic with a reader driven storyline—i.e. readers create their own actions using the suggestion box. While Andrew, the author, used to take the first suggestion that was given (This led to some weird plot twists, like this), he now is slightly pickier which gives the stories a bit more of a controlled feel (Although they are still crazy/strange). One of the main things which I found separated MSPA from other comics was the update schedule. While most Comics operate on a M W F update schedule, MSPA updates almost everyday. Not only that, but there are usually multiple pages per day—Problem Sleuth, the only finished storyline to date, was progressed over around a year and weighs in at an astonishing ~1700 pages. I think I got about 500 pages into it, maybe someday I’ll finish, but it’s scarily addictive (I’ve probably read 100 pages doing “research” for this post), and I just don’t have the time. What do you guy think? Is this a new direction for media, or just a novelty as we put it in class?

Here’s the link for Problem Sleuth.