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A Rape in Cyberspace – Podcast

A Rape in Cyberspace

Audio/Podcasting Project

In this podcast, we discussed Julian Dibbell’s A Rape in Cyberspace. We really strove to move past the usual discussion of whether or not the rape was really a “rape”, and discuss how the members of LambdaMOO came together after its occurrence.  Together, we defined community, worked our way through what occurred in the LambdaMOO realm, and whats its members decided to do in the aftermath of the rape.  Does the same kind of community (if it can even be called such) exist in the online world today?  What kind of communities do our social networking sites such as Facebook offer?  Do they offer us a sense of community that we can truly benefit from?  Or is it a fake sense of community?  Does Facebook take the place of the communities we are a part of in our real lives?



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I'm So Totally, Digitally Close to You

Friedman and Gilmore Explain It All!

Web Audio/Podcasting Project


Because social networking has become a nearly ubiquitous aspect of contemporary life, it seemed appropriate to analyze Clive Thomson’s “I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You (Brave New World of Digital Intimacy)”, which aims to explain our attraction to Facebook and Twitter. Our group was made up of two members with different degrees of social media use: Gilmore is an avid tweeter and Facebook user, while Friedman merely has a Facebook account. This difference provided a useful way of discussing the issues at hand.  Gilmore presented some benefits of social networking sites and Friedman challenged a few of the assumptions surrounding their use.

Our podcast addresses a few important questions:  How do social networking sites affect us?  What is ambient awareness?  What is the value of having many acquaintances?

We hope you enjoy it!


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Falling sound courtesy of http://www.marchgettogether.com/SoundEffects/FreeSounds.html

All ridiculous voices courtesy of Gilmore.