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Final Post

It’s so strange that the semester is already over. This class was a really great experience for me. It was the first class at college I’ve taken with a lab, and I loved having time for hands-on projects. I didn’t have any experience with any of the technologies we used, and it was refreshing to start learning something completely from scratch. While the process could be frustrating or stressful, I was always really happy with the skills and familiarity I gained after the projects. My favorite two projects were probably HTML and Sophie (which I never thought I would ever say), although I’m really glad I got exposure to audio and video technologies.

My favorite readings/discussions were probably about cyber cultures (particularly Sherry Turkle’s articles) and the possibilities of hypertext in literature. My all time favorite reading was Agrippa, which I absolutely loved. I loved having a class that relied so heavily on multimedia, which was really engaging. I also gained more of an appreciation for what you can do with a computer; before taking this class I was fairly uncreative with my internet use. Overall, thank you all for a great semesters worth of discussion!