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Reading Response 4/19

As I was reading the Galloway chapter last night, my friend looked over at my computer and got really excited. He could not believe we were reading about Shenmue, a game he described as both a really dumb but awesome video game he had played with his friends when he was younger. His descriptions of the game really helped to elaborate on a lot of what Galloway was saying. He says the intro to the game is about a half an hour of straight video, and that much of the game is more akin to a movie than an active gaming experience. However, if you browse youtube there are a fair amount of live action video spoofs. Even the actors themselves made an “official” live action video of Shenmue. So even in a game that has more video, or noninteractive diegetic moments (There are 80 long youtube videos that you can watch in chronological order that read like a movie), fans are still embracing an active role. Shenmue, perhaps because of its film like aspects, seemed like a halfway point between the fan fiction articles from last week and the gaming articles from this week. Do you think Shenmue had so many movie components was because of a desire to make it less game-like? Or is the diegetic aspect central to its project?