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New iPhone!

This is Apple’s next iPhone

Thought I’d post this article for any apple products addict who hasn’t seen it. Apparently an engineer from Apple left a prototype of the new iPhone at a bar, a big mistake since the phone wasn’t set to be released for several months. This event was seen as atypical because of Apple’s reputation for intense secrecy before the release of their new products. Consequently, there is a great deal of hype surrounding release days (remember the videos of employs cheering as customers purchased iPads?). I’m wondering what this leak will do to demand and enthusiasm for the new iPhone. One customer sent an email asking whether the leak of information about the phone would ruin a web developer’s conference scheduled for the summer. Steve Jobs simply replied “Don’t worry about the WWDC. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” I doubt that the new iPhone will be any less popular because of this leak; there’s some speculation that the lost phone was an elaborate hoax.