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Youtube Annotation Editor

When I originally found this video a few days ago, I wanted to post it immediately, but it seemed like all the entries had suddenly become serious after our initial posts. So I debated, then waited. After our conversation in class about Hypertext I was thinking a lot about the presentation and the flow of information on the internet (in terms of things like Wikipedia, Stumbleupon, Flikr, Facebook etc….) and my mind drifted to Youtube. While it’s not exactly prominent as of yet, Youtube’s Annotation Editor allows a video’s creator to link one video to another. While I’ve never seen this used for an academic purpose, it seems like it would have a lot of real potential. This video itself creates collages of Youtube video screen shots and then links to those videos. While it’s a tad clumsy, and severely limited by the capacities of Youtube’s Annotation Editor, I think it’s also pretty damn innovative.


The song is pretty good too.