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Final Project

Here it is!

Thanks for a great class!

Final Project

Here it is!  I hope you guys enjoy it. Please let me know if it isn’t opening properly in Sophie, not that I’ll know how to fix it.

Final Project

Hello hello! I hope everybody is having a relatively stress-free day and enjoying the gorgeous weather!

Darina and Irving present to your attention their long-anticipated project: the Real Life game or, the game of real life –choice is yours. Some of you might be slightly disappointed by the lack of an actual game simulation but the fact of the matter is, the point is sent across by simply presenting the thrilling trailer. In actuality, a lot of us have to admit that trailers usually exaggerate the “coolness” of whatever they present. For that reason, we are oh-so-slightly poking fun at the way trailers, in particular the ones for games, are made. We used Gamers Theory as our main text and explored the coming together of the gaming and real world.

Please feel free to comment/critique. In fact, your opinion is much wanted and appreciated!

Thanks guys and have an awesome – possum summer 🙂

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Sophie Project – Gamic Action, Four Movements

Here is my Sophie Project! Action – jaggerjax.pack.s2

Some things I’ve learned about Sophie:

  • Don’t use templates! Or only use them to a bare minimum, because they cause lots of errors to appear.
  • While it’s cool that you can insert videos so easily, the lag (while playing the embedded video) is horrible.
  • If Sophie worked properly, I could see it being used to create books that have interactive annotations, comments, and references on the same page as the text. Also if we wanted to created books directed towards different audiences, I could see Sophie being used to “hide” certain parts of the text depending on the reader’s interest (or previous actions on links).

Skype Sophie

After many trials and errors, here comes my Sophie project! I hope it works but I have a nagging suspicion two of the three videos embedded in it are not working so I’m providing you guys with links to them if you feel inclined to watch them (they are quite amusing and rather short).

The topic of my project had to do with searching for and defining identity through Skype emoticons. I used Sherry Turkle’s article on Identity and used her ideas to explain my personal experience with Skype and particularly Skype emoticons. I discuss the formation of an emoticon culture and how it defines people who are part of it. I have included numerous pictures of Skype emoticons as well as a few cartoons which poke fun at the obsessiveness and related to Skype. The videos demonstrate what 1) Skype is, 2) what we can do with Skype emoticons beyond their immediate purpose and 3) how some people attempt to imitate Skype emotiocons with facial expressions.

My questions are: can we convey all our emotions just through the use of emoticons? If not, is Skype then limiting us or is it creating an order and a sense of belonging in a community that all uses the same type of emoticons? How can we change as people or explore new sides of ourselves if we use emoticons?

I hope you enojoy my representation of Turkle’s article and Skype and please feel free to critique as much as you want! =) 


Sophie Project


Sophie Project

Here is the URL to my sophie project.

Final Project

Your final project asks you to work in teams of two to create a substantive meta-media object on the topic of your choice (which is to say, a media object that is both composed of and about digital media). This project may take any of the forms you’ve worked in this semester — web pages, audio, video, Sophie — or any combination of the above. This project should demonstrate in a broad and substantive manner what you have learned in this course, both technically and critically, and its form and content should work seamlessly together.

You’ll present your project-in-process, in whatever state of completion it’s in, during the last week of class; we’ll use these presentations as a means of critiquing the project so that you can improve it. The final project will be due no later than 5 pm on Friday, May 7; you will turn in this project by posting a link on the blog.

The Long Tail of Sophie

Here’s my project! Hoorah!

I hope this works!

Publishing Your Sophie Book

Hi, all. In order to finalize your Sophie books, you need to take a few steps.

First, be sure you’ve saved your book in its most current form, somewhere safe.

Next, delete the version of Sophie you’ve been running. There’s been a new version released since we started this project; go to the Sophie website and download the most recent version. (It was released on April 6, so if you’ve downloaded since then, you can skip this step.)

Once this new version is installed, open it, and then open the book you’ve been working on. Be sure you’ve given your book an appropriate title by selecting File > Book Properties.

Once that’s done, under the File menu, select Export Book As > Sophie Package. Save the file in a good location, and be sure that it’s named [Your Title].pack.s2.

That file, the one ending in “.pack.s2” is the one you want to upload; it’s got all the resources for your book included with the book itself.

Let me know if you have problems…